domenica 15 settembre 2019

Back with a new drawing

After ages that I don't post ( sorry) here's a very recent drawing of my two main ocs... as you can see I made some changements in style I'm just making it more personal. :)
Have a nice week-end.

giovedì 14 marzo 2019

'Been quote in an article :)

Hi there is a busy period but last day I received a very nice surprise : some of my art works and studies have been published on an italian online magazine dedicated to comics. ^.^
Here's the link

lunedì 24 dicembre 2018

Best wishes

I wish to the followers of this blog happy season holidays.
May you have a great time.

lunedì 10 dicembre 2018

Gifts from a friend

That's so nice 😊💗. These are three beautiful sketches representing three of my characters (Loquat, Silas and Sir Aymon) that I received from a dear friend of mine, the illustrator Valentina Veschi.
Here's the link of her drawing page.

sabato 8 settembre 2018

Hi folks

Hi everyone sorry for my long absence I had many problems so I couldn't post as much as I wanted. I was happy that someone looked for me on Facebook and asked when the comic will continue. Well the think is I'm currently studying for improving the design but I hope to continue the story as  soon as I can. So from time to time check the blog I'll try to put new illustration. Thanks for following me .
Nia x

Post in evidenza

Springtime Artwork :)

Konnichiwa :) spring has finally arrived and I created this artwork that is taken from a sketch I made few weeks ago I hope you like it . :)...