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Translation of the dialogs chapter three 4th part

Page 10:

After convincing the girls to start again their travel, Loquat , who arrived before the others on the top of the hill, found Minako fainted after the great effort she did to carry those heavy spheres  up the hill.

Loquat:" Seriously she did it? I wasn't pretending she 'd carry those heavy spheres up to these stair. It was just a provacation!"
" I can't believe it; I must take care of this girl... always!"
In the meantime the other girls arrive:
Girls: " Loquat what happened? "
Loquat : " Nothing to worry about girls ... Red Sakura didn't feel too well so I take her in a place to have a rest".
Loquat: "  Come on open your eyes! "
Minako: " Lo ... Loquat what happened? Where am I?"
Loquat:" Don't worry I'm healing your injuries"
Minako thinking:
" He's a very kind- hearted guy ... who could imagined it?

Page 11

Loquat :" Damn , I have again that strange sensation in my tummy( like butterflies ;) ) ... and ... why on earth she's  keeping staring at me?

"Anyway your training has been a disater ... you should leave it not keep doing it!"

_Minako falls asleep_

Loquat :" What the hell she didn't hear a single thing I told her!"

" Anyway it's betterthis way, I'll come back later to wake her up."

Norika:" Why Loquat is so late? Why he's not here yet?

Akira: " Can't you imagine it ? A boy and a girl all alone in a room? They're kissing! It's obvious!!

_Scene of  desperation of Norika with a huge pic of Loquat and Minako sharing a romantic moment together( in her worst nightmare)._

Page 12:

Norika still desperate... 

Hikari: " Akira look what you did! Why you make her feeling so miserable? "

In the meantime Loquat has arrived  and overhears everything and very imbarassed and angry said:

 Loquat: "But ... are you kidding????
Stop talking nonsense and listen to me.
As I told you along the road to arrive here each one of you has dfferent powers .. fours are for attacking purposes while one is for defense purposes. Knowing your powers is important but more important is how to use them the best so we are here to train them. You shold feel like  the fingers of a hand and working together to improve them and to reach a common purpose. So here we go we can start Akira, better Orange Alchechengi   if you are ready we can start the training..."

Akira: " I'm ready let's start"

Loquat : " to avoid any injuries I won't use my sword I'm sure I 'll defeat each one of you just with this mop "

Akira: " We'll see it  Mr. full of yourself!"
"Leaves darts!!!"


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