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Translation of the dialogs chapter threee sixth part

Page 16

Silas( hidden in a tree and transformed in a kestrel): " This is  really interesting so even the noble and lordly Loquat  has a weakness. Now I can use it to my advantage".

Hikari: " He's too strong I can't react. He's pulling me without efforts moreover he has destroied all my rays of vine"

Loquat: " That's everything you can do with the powers that I gave you all? What will you do when you'll face a real enemy?

Meanwhile Minako woke up and she still feel a bit of pain to her ankles  and she's thinking about Loquat.

Minako: " Loquat is a very particular guy ... sometimes  he's going  mad and sometimes  he is  so sweet. He's always so discreet , it even seems that he has no past."
 I had enough rest so I'll join the other girls. Loquat must train them very hard.
He left here his lugguage ... maybe ehrm maybe I could have a look in case I found something more personal so I can undertand him better."


Page 17

 Norika: " Don't worry Hikari let me help you! "

talking by herself:
" I could profit of the mess to hug Loquat .. today he's even nicer than usual"


Loquat. " What is she doing now?"

" No this is no good"

Norika: " Loquat Sweetheart!"
Akira: " Take off your hands from me Norika, I'm Akira !"
Norika: " Ewwwwwww!"
Yoshi: " Hatta senpai we can't see anything what we should do ?"
Hikari: " Just stay still until we see again."

Loquat: " No girls you still have a lot to train, you are not prepared to face Silas"

Akira: " Great idea Hikari so he could tied us  as salami !"

Hikari: " I'm terribly sorry girls".

Page 18

Meanwhile Minako...

Minako ( talking by herself): "  No Minako resists to the temptation is not allowed to look inside the lugguage of other people".

In fact the good purposes ...

Minako: " Damn is nothing intersting is just a normal lugguage ... there is also his out of size shirt ."

Silas: " I've been a fool to be worried about the Nature Shoujo ... I've overestimated these girls. Conquering this planet will be easier than I believed".

Norika: " Minako 's missed ... she must train as everyone else."

Loquat: "Damn! I've completely forget Red Sakura I must go to awake her and give her anklet back. I hope se didn't make any mess in my absence."

Minako: " And this? What is ?  Awwww what a cute pic shame that's a bit ruined i'm wondering why he never shown it to us."

Loquat ( very angry) :" Have you found anything interesting inside my clothes?  It's just the way you behave here on this planet? "

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