venerdì 13 gennaio 2017

Translation of the omake

Hi I know that generally the omake goes at the end of a volume but I still have to work on the comic. So I created this short strip ... I really hope u'll like it. :)

Title : La peperonata ( is an italian dish eaten above all in the north of the country is made of chopped pepper fried with garlic ... not so easy to digest : D  but really tasty )


Loquat : "Why are you hugging me ? "

Minako:" Because I've finally understood that you are the man of my life. I love you Loquat. Sorry if I didn't find out before.  And now ... KISS ME !"

Loquat : "NOW????""

Loquat:" Is official I'll never eat again peperonata in the evening. "

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