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Second chapter part one

Summary of the first part of the second chapter of the manga

We meet "en passant" the two girls that help Silas  in his evil plans and after we have Loquat that is mumbling about the fact that the powers of  Red Sakura and Blue Vineyard didn't  work properly. He thinks that the cause may be find  in the fact that the two girls must have a train session to improve and learn how to use their powers for the best. Meanwhile Minako ( Red Sakura) said to him  that instead everything depended on the unexpensive and ugly anklets he gave them ( oh yeah she told Loquat this thing XD XD XD :D) and obviously he got really angry !!! So he decided to explain the reason why he needed the katana of Silas and why he needed the help of the girls.
As I told before the two swords used by the two guys are the two parts of a unique sword called the sword of the ancestral energy. The two parts can be used separately but they are also really dangerous. In fact they use the aura of the person that's holding them so both can't be used for too long because they could lead the users to death.
Moreover Loquat need to take back the sword of the arcana energy to join it to his sword because he is the selected, the chosen to use the ancestral sword. The others could have a  really bad destiny if they do it instead of him .

( Yes I know this is a really shonen part of the manga ... but don't worry ... it's just an invented story ... so all the pieces will take their own place ... sooner or later ;) )

Anyway Blue Vineyard is really worried about the fact that Silas knows their real identity and Loquat simply told her that he knew already ... even before arriving on Earth ... What ??? °___O

Mmmmmm another mistery ... Why Loquat is so misterious about Silas ? And why it seems he knows him so well ? Why Loquat never talks about himself ? He knows everything about the Nature Shoujo but he's always misterious when things involve him...
Well let's see how things go ;)

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