giovedì 12 maggio 2016

First chapter second part of my manga

Summary of the second part of the first chapter:

Minako suddendly realize that's already someone in her bathroom . So really imbarassed  and scared she started to shout  and, after dressing quickly again, she went out to tell everything to her dear friend Hikari-chan. At the beginning her friend thinks she had had  an illusion caused by drinking a little sake at lunch. But quite unexpectedly the person Minako saw, a really good looking guy indeed, shows up and cleared the misunderstanding.
 He introduced himself and explained why he is on the Earth. His name is Loquat and comes from the planet Pure Atmosphere 78, he's looking for the stolen katana of the arcana energy and need the help of five brave and nature loving girls to help him to rescue his planet from distruction. In case they'll agree to help him he'll give them an anklet that'll allow the girls to transform into the Nature Shoujo: the nature guardians.

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