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Dialogs in the second part of the third chapter

Here we are I'll translate the dialogs:

Page 4:

Hikari: "Please Minako take your bento  and calm down"

Minako: " Give me that cover!"

Hikari. " but..."

"No Minako don't do that, don't throw it!"

Minako: " Loquat ... you idiot !"

Page 5:

 Hikari: "  but... but Mr. controller why we should get off here?"

Mr. train controller: "I'm sorry but we have received many complaint about your behaviour so you must get off here."

Silas: "  Fortunately no one noticed me, but I must be more careful in the future, I underestimated those girls"

Akira ( very angry): " You! That's all your fault!"

Minako : "I'm sorry but is Loquat's fault , he started to provocate me!"

Loquat: " You still have so much to learn in your life Red Sakura, remember : A wise person never blames the others for own mistakes. Keep it in mind.  Now let's go there'll be at least half an hour left on foot before arriving."

Yoshi: " What a marvellous thing! So Tsuji senpai we will have time to chat and know each other better!."

Minako( very ironically):" Yeah! That's marvellous!"
by herself : Why it happens everything to me?

Page 6:


Loquat: "Well girls we are almost there. On top of the hill there's Goen temple we should just climb these 309  steps."

Yoshi: " Loquat-kun I'm sorry to interrupting you but I think we've lost Tsuji senpai."

Loquat: " I can't believe it! Girls keep on while I'll look for her."

Minako:" Poor me I'm exausted ... and that's odd I thought of being in good shape".

Loquat: " Finally I found you ... why didn't you reach us?"

Minako:" Just listen...  Mr. know-it-all... If I weren't so tired I'd  reach you already."

Loquat: " Well ... in that case..."

Minako : " In that case, what?"

Loquat: " Come on I'll take you on my shoulders ... but DO NOT READ TOO MUCH IN THIS , OK??"

Minako: " ARE YOU CRAZY?"

Loquat: " So  what have you decided? Will you jump on my back or not?

Minako: " Definitely not ! Go somewhere else and be a croacker in another place.  And about it, it's a lot of time that you didn't change in a owlet... why ?

Loquat: " Well to be honest I prefer tranform the less time that I can" ( here he remember how much Silas laught at him at his first transformation in a owlet ... because  it reminds of  a toy )

"Anyway  I see you want to joke so you mustn't be so tired... then I 've decided that you'll start the training before  the other girls..."

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