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Summary of the third part of the third chapter

 Thanks for the patience ...
Here we are... we left Loquat talking with Minako with the intention to make her starting the training before than the other girls.
So Minako is quite worried by his glance ( actually she's scared that he could take the advantage of the situation and hitting on her... but no... he definitely wants her to train and nothing more ^ ^).
He puts on her legs two heavy spheres of metal and left her alone ... she really gets angry but she wants to show him she could do that exercise and carry those spheres on the top of the hill.
Meanwhile he came back where he left the other girls ... but instead of training they went to a bar /pub not too far from where he left them and they took sunbathing and drank cocktails. So Loqaut at that point gets very upset ... how he could managed to make  good warriors out  of them if they have not discipline and they think of being on a sightseeing tour? XD
Also Silas has arrived, obviously  earlier than Loquat and the girls, but he still was at the train station  to left his luggage temporarly, so he could be free to spy his enemies. The officer at the station gives him a welcome to the town, but Silas answer him in a rude way ." For me this or another town is all the same" ( mmmmm so young and always so angry;  what a guy! ^_^ ' But in the future you'll understand why he 's always so unhappy). Coming out the train station he meets a drunk man that invites him to drink with him ... and at this point  Silas transforms himself in a kestrel .... obviously the man swears that he won't drink anymore.( He's convinced he had had allucinations :D)

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