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Summary of the second part of the second chapter

Summary of the  second part of the second chapter.

The Nature Shoujo and Loquat need a rest after their first fight but the problem is: where he should go to stay? At Minako's place obviously ... and of course he should sleep outside the house and moreover in a shoes box... poor Loquat ... not much consideration for him ! The day after he comes to the high school attended by the girls ... and he won't pass by without being spotted by the other  school girls that  obviuosly fall in love with him ( oh yes he's absolutely hot and gorgeous ;) ).
But he wants to say that he's just there to find the other Nature Shoujo and not to pass time with Minako ( absolutely not XD). Then he, Hikari  and Minako go to find the first girl on the list  a certain Akira Nene that doesn't have a good reputation in fact everybody at school tend to avoid her.
At the moment she is outside the class and they  are going to find her.  But suddendly a sharp knife thrown from somewhere in the school park tear off the string that holds the long hair of Loquat and  anchors itself in a tree. Loquat protects Minako holding her tightly in his arms ( thing that makes Minako feeling so imbarassed !) But the knives continue to be thrown ... who's doing that?

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