sabato 11 giugno 2016

Summary : second chapter part three

So we left Loquat and Minako under a "rain" of knives ... he said to the girl to stay where she is and he bravely face the enemy. He's lightly injured by a knife on his left cheek but he finally  found out that actually is a girl with short hair that is doing that... and more precisely the girl they are looking for : Akira Nene.
She and Minako have a quarrel but Loquat  firmly makes them to stop and explain that they need her help. Akira is not convinced to join them, also because she thinks that preserving nature is a waste of time. But anyway she knows what business is, so she asks Loquat what would be her gain if she decide to help them. Surprisingly he simply said that he won't spill the bean telling everybody her secret connected with something happened 10 years ago that still has effects on her own life .
Akira gets really angry and firstly she doesn't want to accept ... Loquat is just blackmailing her ! But after thinking a while she agree.
In the meantime Minako approaches to Loquat to clean his injury ...  and this makes him terribly nervous and imbarassed. So Akira asked Hikari if there's a sentimental bond between Loquat and Minako ... but they both deny ! :D.

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