giovedì 14 luglio 2016

End of chapter two... fine del secondo capitolo ... finalmente !

Rating : pubblico maturo

Inoltre ribadisco che i nomi utilizzati sopratutto quelli giapponesi derivano dalla mia fantasia.

I say again that the names, above all the japanese ones, are pure fantasy.


First page:

Loquat told Minako who's the last girl they're looking for... her name 's Norika and  is a beautiful idol that took a year far from  stages to study. Minako firstly is really happy because she's a great fan of her, but then she's also curious how she could be in the same high school but noone has noticed her. Loquat said that the girl is there under a false name, but he knows the name and also which is the class she's attended.( She's the same age as Yoshi). Loquat is looking forward to see her so he could finally go  on his own mission.

Second page: 
Loquat draw Norika's attention referring to her with both the names she chose. Interested by him she wondered if he was an idol too because he's so beautiful and after a while she hitted on him and this thing made  Minako very jealous!.
Very imbarassed Loquat  tryied to change the subject .

Third page: 

Finally Loquat could explain why he needed her help and she accept to become  a Nature Shoujo. Then he told the girls that the following day they'll reach a misterious and far  place for a training session all together. 

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