martedì 8 novembre 2016

another explanation of the italian slang that I used in the comic

Here we go again!
I realized it's quite a long time since I posted the last explanation ... I think it could be useful to know other countries idioms ( just to say "hey I know that word, I know that saying" :) ) so that's it. I hope you'll find it useful . :)
In this part of the comic ( third chapter page eight) Loquat said:
" No sul serio ma chi me l'ha fatto fare di imbarcarmi in questa avventura con voi ? Chi?"
that can be translated in :
" Really, who made me to embark ( literally translation) myself in this adventure with you? Who?"

Embark in this sentence means starting a new thing ( in this case a new adventure a new way of living) that is unknown and unsure. That vocabulary came from the sailing ...( you shouldn't forget that Italy is a peninsula surrounded by the sea ) it refers to the sailors life  that, above all in the past, was very unsure and adventurous.

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